Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Only Need 40 More Gamer Points

Cole H.: Bert and Leonard have a different philosophy than I about many things
Princess I.: yeah they think Miller Lite is delicious, and disc 2 of Xenogears was amazing
Princess I.: philistines!
Cole H.: haha
Rocco B.: Plus Bert's always listening to whatever Ernie says
Rocco B.: Achievement Unlocked: Low Hanging Fruit

Sometimes You Just Can't Know

Rocco B.

Rocco B.: then again, I think my bed might be causing me issues 
Princess I.: its a clown bed!? 
Rocco B.: it might be
Rocco B.: there are like 40 people in it

Monday, October 27, 2008

Out of Context: I'd Like to Test That GUI

"His girlfriend had a really pretty looking interface."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10 To The 4th Power

Joe: After factoring in leap years, I have determined that June 24th of next year will be my 10,000th day on Earth.
Joe: this is huge.
Ed: Have you factored all the time you've spent midair?
Joe: No. Time zone differences do not abide.
Ed: no no, I mean not literally on the earth
Ed: in the air
Ed: like jumping
Ed: or falling
Ed: or that stride mid-run where nothing is touching the ground
Joe: 10,000th day since being born
Ed: ok
Ed: what you really should wait for is the day that the number of days on earth passes the number of Phillies losses
Ed: then you become a real man.
Joe: That'll be a while.
Ed: Phillies have lost 10098 games.
Joe: when is your birthday
Joe: oh the 10th
Joe: ok
Ed: yeah
Joe: 3/28/2009 for you
Ed: for 10k or for10098
Joe: for 10k
Ed: dude, 10k is weak. Phillies losses is the real determinator
Joe: that is stupid.
Joe: determinator isn't even a goddamned word
Ed: it is now

God I Love This Girl

"Honey, I'm talking about fantasy, not real life!" --Annie, on fantasy sports trophies and how she claims she has more than I do.

Monday, October 20, 2008

This Happens More Often Than I Would Like

(12:54:27) OppositeCoho: Hey, is this Tina Fey?
(12:54:35) edgesmash: Nope

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Not Going To Touch That

Annie: Man, the Rays are dominating the Sox. They're making the Sox look like, uhh...
Ed: Like this year's Yankees?
Annie: Don't even say that! Don't compare the Sox to the Yankees! Why don't you just call me fat?!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Setting the Bar High

"That's how we make good drummers... That's how we make ok drummers... That's how we make Pep Band drummers!" --Keith, pep band drummer, on hazing

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hold On Soldier, the Priest is on the Way

Agent P.: and i butt in with a CSI Miami opening quote
EdToRights: LOZL
Agent P.: It looks like...::puts on sunglasses::we got ourselves one HOT CASE.
Agent P.: YEAAAHHHHHH!!!!!
EdToRights: CSI Miami is the worst CSI show and the worst Miami show
Agent P.: best Miami show: Scarface the Animated Series
EdToRights: Best CSI show: CSI: World of Warcraft
EdToRights: "Yup, this was definitely a Tauren... but was he alone?" "That's not what I herd." /music: DOO DOOOO
Agent P.: It was definitely those paleskin humans.. ::sunglasses:: ....FOR LOTHAR!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I Choose You, Instant Messenger!

Brenticus: if I may supply the criticism you are looking for
Brenticus: Pokemon blows
EdToRights: thank you
EdToRights: I needed that

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Mega Man 9 Infests My Thoughts

Schwehmdog: lolz just went from "Robot Master Chosen" to "Everybody Dance Now"
Schwehmdog: Shit I'm fighting Dance Man

Sunday, October 05, 2008

New Word from the Old Days

double-noogie reverse:
1) a maneuver in a video game where you manipulate the game's crappy controls to execute an otherwise obvious move that puts you in a better position.
2) a move so obvious that the opponent doesn't expect it.

In the N64 game Golden Eye, the controls were a little tough. You used the analog stick to move front/back and look left/right. You used the C-buttons to move left/right and look up/down. The overlap of translational and rotational commands was confusing to most, and since the game was basically the first successful FPS for a console, no one was quite used to the scheme.

If you were being shot at from behind, you were pretty much dead. Turn around and fight, and unless the guy had a Kolb, you were dead before you got a shot off. Keep running and he'll just pick you off*. There was one move that worked: At a corner, wait for your opponent, then run past him as he ran around the corner. Then as he turned around to come back you turn around and pass him again. Your opponent would be confused and you'd get away scot free.

It's called the double-noogie reverse because you reverse twice and give the opponent a noogie each time you pass him. Or at least that's what I decided when I coined it in the early 90's.

* Unless you knew the trick of moving forwards and strafing right while facing right of where you wanted to go; the two movement actions added and you got the combined trajectory and went faster than your opponent.