Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Owls are Old School

Ed: if harry potter live-tweeted the events of the goblet of fire, then fudge et al would have believed that voldemort was back, and shit would have been different
Ed: @TheChildWhoLivesLarge: Sweet, the Wizard's Cup. o wait, brb gt save @diggertous
Ed: @TheChildWhoLivesLarge: OK we're gonna touch the cup together #bffs
Ed: @TheChildWhoLivesLarge: oh fuck, it was a portkey, wtf are we
Ed: @TheChildWhoLivesLarge: brb @diggertous is ded, gt save myself
Ed: @TheChildWhoLivesLarge: oh noes, @scabbers is resurrecting @deathtomuggles #thisisnotgood

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